As a founding member of Cooperative Coffees, Third Coast Coffee directly imports coffee from small farmer cooperatives throughout Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Indonesia. 

We have gained mutually beneficial long term relationships with our producer partners in the thirteen years of Cooperative Coffees existence.  All our coffees are Fair Trade and Organically certified. 

The one exception is Colombian coffee from Fondo Paez, which is Fair Trade transitional. Third Coast makes year long commitments for our green coffee in order to supply us with a reliable and steady source of green coffee.


When Joe started roasting in 1994, he used paper logs to track the ebb and flux of the roasting profiles, noting the various times and temperatures of landmark events during the course of a roast. Now, with four people operating the roasters, we still rock those paper logs - the key to consistency across machines and the people operating them is communication.

We control each roast by hand, eye, and nose. Our roasting machines are lovingly-maintained 12 kilo drum roasters, each designed and built by Diedrich Manufacturing in Sandpoint, ID. Constant care and attention keeps them reliable. We follow rigorous protocol, including set batch sizes for all roasts that guarantees the results we seek.

The most important aspect in the roasting process is the knowledge of the people operating the machines. Equal parts analytical and sensory, our roasting style incorporates close attention to the colors, crackles, and scents of the roasting beans.

It takes many hours of learning and experience of running a roaster to put all the sensors, gauges, and levers to proper use. Third Coast is known for the quality and consistency of its coffee.

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