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As a founding member of Cooperative Coffees, Third Coast Coffee directly imports coffee from small farmer cooperatives throughout Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Indonesia. We have gained mutually beneficial, long term relationships with our producer partners in the seventeen years of Cooperative Coffees' existence. Third Coast makes year-long commitments for our green coffee to ensure a reliable and steady supply of the many varieties that we offer.

All our coffees are certified Fair Trade and Organically Grown.  The one exception is Colombian coffee from Fondo Paez, which is Fair Trade "transitional", grown using organic methods and in the process of acquiring organic certification.


Our green beans are imported by Cooperative Coffees, an importing cooperative committed to direct, fair and transparent trade with coffee farmers.  Joe Lozano joined six other coffee roasters in 1999 to form this collective, and it has grown to include 23 roasters in the US and Canada, building relationships with farmers and their processing and exporting cooperatives around the world.

We are always searching for ways to support sustainable, healthy agricultural practices and systems of trade that benefit the farmers, their families and their communities.  Over the years Joe and other members of the staff at Third Coast Coffees have traveled to many of these countries, and we know the farmers as friends and partners.

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We strive for transparency in the process of bringing the beans from the farmer to the consumer.  Every bag of Third Coast Coffee can be traced to its origin.  

Use the lot number on the bag to find the story behind the beans at

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