Joe Lozano

Owner - Master Roaster

Joe Lozano has been roasting since 1994. He is one of the 7 original founders of Cooperative Coffees, which is 19 years old. He has taught sample roasting, cupping, and production roasting to members of PROCOCER, a coffee cooperative in Nicaragua. His travels have also taken him to Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Equador, Mexico, Honduras, Sumatra and Colombia to visit the farmers and their communities.


Thomas Novak

Managing Partner and Roaster

Tom comes to Third Coast Coffee with 16 years of restaurant experience and a bachelor degree from Texas State University in Agricultural Business Management. He started off as a production assistant, working his way up the ranks to roaster and ultimately General Manager. He wears many hats for the company and is Joe's right hand man.

Logan Website Pic 

Logan Klein

Assistant Manager and Roaster

Logan is a native Texan who lives on the fringe; balancing somewhere between kilos of caffeine and Dali-pop daydreams. His thumbs are green, creativity levels high, and his passport is near. A curious blend of magic keeps his world interesting. 

Ezel 2 

Ezel Lever


Once a vendor of homemade Third Coast coffee mugs, resident potter Ezel came to us a few years ago with a passion in learning about the world of coffee. It's no surprise he quickly grew into the role of roaster and now continues to fuel his creativity fire with each and every roast. 


John Huntington


Before Third Coast, John tried farming fish, vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs. He even dabbled in real estate, with mixed success. In his pursuit of science, he now roasts coffee and takes night classes (which adds up to a lot of notes) and spends the leftover time on art and with his dog. He is also definitely not a time traveler. 


Matt McCarroll

Deliveries and Friendly Face of Third Coast Coffee

Stalwart and always there for you.
Need your coffee today?  Matt makes sure it happens.

Jessica Gardner

Office Manager/Social Media Rockstar/Customer Relations Specialist

Jes manages the office, social media accounts, customer accounts and is the liaison to our grocery store relationships. After becoming a certified barista in New Haven, Connecticut, she moved to Austin on a whim at the end of 2011 and has made a home on the other side of the coffee biz at Third Coast. 


Michael Munoz

Production Manager

Michael continues his caffeinated pilgramage from years of barista service to the land of production. He loves sunny weather, unwashed coffees, sour ales and a wide array of music. Some say he's more junkie than student, but he keeps on pushing in his everloving coffee quest.



Dan Ryan

Assistant to the Production Manager

Long before Third Coast, Dan worked for one of our Coop Coffees members, Just Coffee, in Madison, Wisconsin. Relocating to Austin to pursue his drumming career, he ended up with us anyway. When he's not on tour, he helps manage the production floor with a side of humor and a dash of sass. 


Scott Scroggins

¬°Frios Mio! Cold Brew Master

Scott has come a long way since his first Hanson concert in Oklahoma in the early 90's. From washing dishes, to production floor, Scott now manages all things cold brew. While honing in on the perfect recipe, you can be guaranteed to hear a wide variety of music coming from his brew room as soon as you walk through the front door. 


Jim Schaefer

Production Assistant

If Third Coast had a band, Jim would be our main guitar player. Riding on wakeboards with his furry feline friends while listening to death metal music would be Jim's ideal comic book persona. He hopes to one day use his powers of shred to save the world.


Chase Fowler

Production Assistant

Chase (sometimes known as Chad) is a purveyor of big smiles and adrenaline induced high fives. Whether he's jumping from planes, climbing cliffs, or grooving on guitar, he always starts the day with a couple cups of black coffee and a dose of gratitude. 


Ian Hoffman

Production Assistant

Ian is passionate about good people, meaningful conversations, and learning the intricacies of the craft and culture of coffee. Between his love of playing guitar, great food, and traveling abroad, he's found a big piece of his heart in the caffeine industry. His true being is best displayed while cruising along on his longboard with music in his ears. In spare moments, he'll teach you all of the fun facts he knows about fish, birds, and plants.


Kimberly Helms

Production Assistant

Kimberly is one of the newest members of our Third Coast family. She comes to us with a rich knowledge of espresso and what it takes to create a quality cup. To compliment her love of coffee and hopes of one day learning how to roast, she enjoys plowing through books and listening to rich music to help expand her being in this tricky complicated world.