Star of Ethiopia
Star of Ethiopia

Star of Ethiopia

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  • Taste: Citrus, sweet
  • Roast: Medium
  • Body: Medium
  • Acidity: Juicy
  • Cooperatives: SCFCU, YCFCU
Ethiopia is the land of coffee’s birth, and for most of the last two thousand years it has been one of Africa’s great power centers. As the country successfully resisted all attempts at colonization, Ethiopia’s flag became a symbol of African independence and solidarity during the twentieth century, and many fledgling African nations adopted their own version of the Ethiopian tricolor. In 1996, the government added a star to the nation’s flag, emblematic of a bright future. The Star of Ethiopia blend is our own act of solidarity. Composed of coffee from the Yirgacheffe and Sidama growing regions, this blend is sweetly aromatic, highly complex, and as bright as the future Ethiopia’s coffee farmers are working to build.

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