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Fondo Paez

In 1992 Fondo Paez was founded with the primary goal of recuperating traditional agricultural knowledge and indigenous culture which had been buried by centuries of conflict and depression. Fondo Paez is located in the highland region of Cauca. Paez, who also call themselves Nasa or “the people”, is the largest indigenous group in Colombia. Currently Fondo Paez is comprised of 550 members based on a democratic farmer association. Coop Coffee has been importing coffee from Fondo Paez since 2004.

Colombian Coffee Fruit

One of the coffees imported by Coop Coffees is not yet certified as organic.  Coop Coffee recognizes this coffee as Transitional; farmers employ organic methods and have struggled against regional difficulties as they strive to get certification. Third Coast Coffee pays 90% of the organic premium to Fondo Paez to encourage farmers to continue on the organic certification path.

Colombian Landscape

Grown as part of the coop's effort to reclaim traditional agricultural methods, Fondo Paez's coffee arrives on our doorstep under the name Cafe Nyaft'ewesh, "Coffee of the Ancients."

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