Rwandan Landscape

In 2006, 257 coffee farmers from the Kigeyo region of Rwanda came together to collect and process coffee cherries in order to improve the quality of Kigeyo’s coffee. However, it was not until 2015 that KODUKAK (Koperative Dutezimbere Kawa Kigeyo) became a registered cooperative. FLO certification was received in early 2016. Located on the shores of Lake Kivu, KODUKAK today has 990 members / farmers (651 male and 339 female). 


KODUKAK is a member of the secondary cooperative COOPAC which was founded in 2001. They work with over 8,000 members from the six areas of Ack, Ubuzima, Tuzamurane, Kopabm, Abakundakurima and Abanyamurava in Rwanda's western province.

Cooperative Coffees began working with KODUKAK in 2016.